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Dear TCHS Bulldog,

Welcome to Taylor County High School! We hope that you will begin this school year with a spirit of cooperation and renewed focus on learning and school pride. Although the faculty and administration are eager to work with you in furthering your education, you must realize that you have some specific responsibilities in this process. Therefore, this student handbook has been prepared to help you acquaint yourself with our school’s policies, procedures, and practices for the 2018-2019 school year. We firmly believe that with your cooperation of Choosing Excellence Every Day, you will enjoy the feeling of success in a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment.

The information in this document has been derived from legal requirements and sound educational practices. Your preparatory education, safety, and welfare are the staff’s utmost concerns. Accordingly, our school will be organized in such a manner to ensure an orderly learning environment so you may achieve a quality education.

The goal of high school is to ensure all students graduate “college and career ready”. College and career “readiness” not only refers to the content, knowledge, and skills high school graduates must have in literacy, science, humanities, and mathematics, but the acquisition of essential skills and experiences that are necessary to be successful in life. Taylor County High School’s goal is simple – ALL Taylor County High School graduates will be prepared for postsecondary education and/or training and will have the skills needed to pursue options and opportunities in the job market.

TCHS is YOUR high school, and it is our fervent hope that you will learn to respect its ideals and take pride in calling it your school. By acquainting yourself with this Student Handbook, we trust you will have taken the first step toward this goal. We look forward to working with you this school year!

Charles S. Finley
Mr. Finley


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